Storage Units


100 sq. ft.

10' x 10'


200 sq. ft.

10' x 20'


400 sq. ft.

10' x 40'


1200 sq. ft.

20' x 60'


$1 linear foot for outdoor storage space (minimum $35)

We Feature:

"Airplane Hanger" Building

This open-air building features 6,000 sq. ft. of space with a huge 54-foot door. This building is the perfect storage space for your golf cart, motor home, semi trailer and more. We can accommodate just about anything!

Security Features

All units are within our locked facility, accessible 24/7 via keypad entry. The entire facility is protected by flood lights and cameras. Our property manager also lives on site, providing the best protection for your peace of mind.

Storage Requirements

If your items fit, you can store them! Estimate your needed square footage before renting. We offer 10×10, 10×20, 10×40, 10×60 and 20×60 foot units. We do ask that any vehicles you store be free of oil or gas leaks to keep our units clean.

Our Parking Lot Works for You

CopperTop features blacktop grinding parking lots. Rather than using limestone, which easily creates dust that can collect on your camper or RV, our blacktop lots prevent unnecessary messy streaks. Trust that your parked vehicles will stay clean at CopperTop!

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