Storage Tips

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No matter what you’re storing, proper prep is key to keeping your belongings safe and secure. Read on for some helpful storage tips.

Avoiding Humidity Damage

When seasons change (from winter to summer, for example), humidity in the air can cause concrete to sweat. Humid air that enters a structure condenses into water droplets on the surface, known as sweating, causing slippery and damp conditions. 

How can this affect your items in storage? Our units have concrete floors, meaning your belongings, if stored in cardboard boxes, may absorb moisture and suffer from mold or mildew damage if no preparation is made. CopperTop is happy to provide wooden pallets to our customers to raise stored items off the concrete floor, preventing water or humidity damage from this naturally occurring phenomenon.

Winterizing Your RV For Storage

Before you store your RV (or other vehicle), you’ll want to winterize it correctly. This process protects it from freezing during the cold winter months and makes your spring set-up much easier.

Probably the most important thing to winterize is the plumbing inside your RV. Any frozen pipes can be an expensive mess you’ll surely want to avoid.

To winterize your RV’s plumbing, visit GoRVing for detailed step-by-step instructions. 

Supplies needed: nontoxic RV antifreeze and a water heater bypass kit (if one isn’t already installed).

In Addition

In addition to winterizing your camper’s plumbing system, you should also check that you’ve done the following:

  • Removed any food that could spoil or attract rodents
  • Cleaned any storage areas as well as kitchen appliances
  • Caulked any weak or damaged seals around exterior doors and windows
  • Checked for and repair any leaks in the roof
  • Replaced bumper caps
  • Stabilized your camper (make sure it’s parked with the emergency brake on and does not rock when you walk inside of it) 
  • Washed and waxed your RV, including the awning (be sure to use an awning cleaning, not dish detergent, to avoid drying and cracking)
Do you have other storage questions? Call us today and we’ll help you rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure!